Lundgren became engaged to Norwegian personal trainer Emma Krokdal in June 2020. The film, shot on location in Tunisia and Bulgaria It premiered at the Capri, Hollywood and the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. That same year, he appeared in the music video «Kosmosa» sung by the Russian singer Irson Kudikova. He made his directorial debut, replacing Sidney J. Furie who got ill during pre-production, with The Defender, in which he also starred alongside Shakara Ledard and Jerry Springer, who played the President of the United States. Lundgren plays Lance Rockford, the bodyguard of the head of the National Security Agency, Roberta Jones (Caroline Lee-Johnson), in a war on terror. In 2001, Lundgren starred in Hidden Agenda, directed by Marc S. Grenier.

For many fans his most enduring images are that of Ivan Drago, one of the most iconic villains of the 80’s from Rocky IV, or as He-Man in Masters of the Universe. Beyond that he’s been the Punisher before anyone else was on screen, and he’s been a Universal Soldier as well as starring in an array of cult favourites like Dark Angel, Showdown in Little Tokyo and Red Scorpion. To the aficionado it’s long been known that he has a Masters degree in chemical engineering and was accepted into M.I.T, before a certain Grace Jones introduced him to the club, celebrity, and art and culture scene . Additionally, Lundgren, much like his ‘surprise’ academic background has been repeated almost ad nauseum as a new discovery, is also a black belt in Karate and former European kickboxing champion. From his humble beginnings in Spånga, Sweden, to a gleaming career in Hollywood as an actor, fitness superstar, and producer.

In that context, I would say, yes, we are focusing way too much on Ukraine. I’m not in favour of just simply cutting the Ukrainians off. But if our foreign policy is about Americans’ concrete interests, then we’re doing too much. We’ve sent equipment, which is not easily replaceable, which is relevant to the potential fight over Taiwan, and certainly the implications as it reverberates through our defence industrial base is very relevant. Why are we taking risks on the most significant challenge to the US position in the world and our interest in the world in 150 years? We alone were larger than the three Axis Powers, let alone with the British Empire and the Soviet Union.

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He owes his career to Grace Jones.

We may never know for sure where this beach is, be it Earth or purgatory, but my best guess is somewhere on the west coast of Halmstad, Sweden, where Gylne Tider sometimes filmed their show. During Corbin’s solo, he had to be standing in front and to the left of Ricki; otherwise, we would have seen him when the camera panned from Jason and Huey to Ricki. Thankfully, in a 2010 Vulture interview, Gylne Tider host Øyvind Mund explained the celebrities were lip syncing to «a charity version of the song,» although the music video itself was not for charity. Super weird choice to open this star-studded video with Roger Moore, a man whose relevance in 2010 had long since ebbed — much like the ocean tide behind him. The video resurfaced again this year, so I’m taking it upon myself to catalogue every weird moment in the entire 307-second-long video…for science. We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline.

SYLVESTER STALLONE has just publicly ended his friendship with Dolph Lundgren in a furious series of social media rants, accusing his friend of betraying him and pleading «Why did you do it, Dolph?». The Swedish actor himself spoke recently about allegedly putting the Rocky legend in hospital. In 1983, Lundgren earned a Fulbright Scholarship to attend the cancel Asianmelodies Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has received some prestigious awards for excellence and dedication in his field in several events such as the CineRockom International Film Festival, Napierville Cinema Festival, and Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema. Stallone and Lundgren are good friends in real life, and have been for many years.

In early May 2009, three masked burglars reportedly broke into Lundgren’s Marbella home. The burglars tied up and threatened his wife, but fled when they found a family photo and realized that the house was owned by Lundgren. Lundgren later stated he believed the intruders to be Eastern European and had asked contacts in Bulgaria to investigate them, but to no avail. After the incident, Lundgren’s elder daughter, Ida, suffered from PTSD. His wife was the «most traumatized», and as of 2011 they divorced. In 2013, Lundgren starred alongside Steve Austin in The Package.

Since then the Punisher has been played by Thomas Jane, Ray Stevenson, and standout favorite Jon Bernthal, who gets the full benefit of the prestige TV approach. Lundgren is a brilliantly multilingual actor who speaks English and his native Swedish fluently, as well as a good amount of German. He can also speak a bit of Spanish, French, and Japanese — at least enough to order drinks and say thank you before kicking some serious butt. When asked if it’s true, as rumored, that he has an I.Q. Of 160, he answered, «I’m not that smart. I’m smart enough to get a few scholarships. But I’ve gotten hit in the head too many times since then.»

Soldiers who were killed in the Vietnam conflict are brought back to life in a top secret military experiment that creates superhuman warriors. He’ll have a mixture of apple cider vinegar, protein powder, vitamin C, and glucosamine in the morning to get his body started. This will keep him energized throughout the day, along with reducing his appetite. Wanting to give his daughters a normal childhood, Dolph raised them in Sweden, away from the limelight of Hollywood. In 2011, he and his wife Anette had officially divorced.

What Happened To Dolph Lundgren’s First Wife?

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Sylvester Stallone thought Dolph Lundgren was too tall to play Ivan Drago.

Pamela’s agent presumably declined Gylne Tider’s invitation to lip sync on a beach, but they did send three unrelated photographs and a video of Pamela putting on sunglasses. I’m beginning to wonder if this beach warps time the same way it does physics, because I would have bet everything I own that this was the end of the video. Then the camera pans to Ricki Lake, who is definitely standing on the same beach as Jason and Huey. Meanwhile, Josie Bissett stares past Ricki in a wholly unconvincing attempt to look like she’s present for Ricki’s performance.

Full of action, guns smoking, fighting and corrupt politicians. John looks to take down Luc Deveraux after a home invasion claims his wife and daughter. The fight pits John against Andrew Scott and an army of genetically enhanced warriors; meanwhile, he must contend with a UniSol in relentless pursuit. In addition, his workouts are typically shorter when filming for movies.

How DO you tell your child they have 500 half-siblings because their father is a reckless serial sperm… Raquel Leviss meets with Tom Sandoval at the home he shares with ex Ariana Madix – after dropping Scheana Shay restraining order . It would mark Dolph’s second marriage after having two daughters – Ida Sigrid, 25; and Greta Eveline, 19 – from his 16-year marriage to Anette Qviberg, which ended in 2011.

Recalling his boxing scenes with Stallone in Rocky IV, Dolph said that both himself and Stallone suffered multiple injuries from mishits. The movie topped charts in the U.S, UK, India, and China, achieving great success. People wanted to see more, which resulted in the sequel, The Expendables 2, being released in 2012. As well as The Expendables 3 in 2014, where Dolph reprised his role. Then, a few months later, he directed his first movie, The Defender.