Président, (launched 4 June 1804 at Basse-Indre) – captured by the British Navy 1806, becoming HMS President. Gloire, (launched 20 July 1803 at Basse-Indre) – captured by the British Navy 1806, becoming HMS Gloire. The British sloop Observateur had fired upon the French when the engagement began but Junon’s capture was too swift for her to directly assist her sister ship.

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Liverpool Tennis Development Programme based at Wavertree Tennis Centre is one of the largest in the UK. Liverpool is also home to the Red Triangle Karate Club, which provided many of the 1990 squad that won the World Shotokan Championships in Sunderland. Luminaries include Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, Sensei Frank Brennan, Sensei Omry Weiss, Sensei Dekel Kerer, Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Terry O’Neill, who is also famous for various acting roles. Everton are the older of Liverpool’s two professional football clubs. They were founded in 1878 and have played at Goodison Park since 1892, when they relocated from the Anfield stadium that was taken over by the new Liverpool club.

On 10 November 1808, under capitaine de frégate Rousseau, Junon departed for Martinique, along with Vénus, Amphitrite, Cygne and Papillon. The squadron broke apart the next day, and she found herself isolated. There she was subsequently commissioned into the Royal Navy as the 38-gun HMS Junon. Launched in 1806, she saw service during the Napoleonic Wars, escorting merchant convoys to France’s besieged Caribbean colonies. In February 1809 she was captured at sea after a fierce engagement with four Royal Navy vessels.

The French lost approximately 130 casualties; British losses were seven killed and 26 wounded on Horatio, six wounded on Latona and one man wounded on Driver. From February 1797 she was commanded by Captain Philip Wilkinson, first serving in the English Channel and in the blockade of Cádiz. She recaptured the brig Providence on 24 September 1797, and shared with Indefatigable and Cambrian in the capture on 16 January 1798 of the 8-gun French privateer Inconceivable. On 2 June 1798 she sailed for North America, being part of the squadron that captured the Yonge Sybrandt on 12 June 1798.

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Rugby league is played at amateur and student level within the city; the last professional team bearing the city’s name was Liverpool City, which folded in the 1960s. Rugby union has a long, if low key, history in the city with Liverpool Football Club, formed in 1857, making them the oldest open rugby team in the world. They merged with St Helens RUFC in 1986 to form Liverpool St Helens. In Sefton there is Waterloo Rugby Club located in Blundellsands. The city is also home to the oldest surviving professional symphony orchestra in the UK, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, which is based in the Philharmonic Hall. The current chief conductor of the orchestra is Vasily Petrenko.

In July, under the command of Capitaine de frégate Jacques-François-Ignace Bretel, she sailed with the frigates Bravoure and Carrère from Toulon to Elba. On the voyage back, Carrère was captured on 3 August, while Bravoure and Succès escaped. She remained in ordinary until November 1790 when a «great repair» began at Gravesend, which was not completed until December 1792, at a cost of £15,938, just in time for the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars. She then began fitting out at Chatham Dockyard, where she was recommissioned in February 1793 under the command of Captain Francis Roberts, and was ready for sea by April. By British report, Libre was armed with twenty-four 18-pounders (which had replaced her originally-planned 24-pounders), six 36-pounder obusiers and ten 9-pounder guns. Libre was badly damaged and lost her masts soon after she struck.

Here the English reformed and then spread out into the city, pockets of resistance left were dealt with after they used the captured Spanish guns on their former users. The rest fled over the San Francisco bridge along with De Bustos but the battle was still not yet won. Drake appeared off Cartagena during the afternoon of 9 February 1586 and as the Boca Grande passage was unfortified, his ships passed through it in a long column, with the Elizabeth Bonaventure in the lead. The English ships dropped anchor at the northern end of the Outer Harbour after sailing past the entrance, just beyond the range of the Spanish guns guarding the Boqueron Channel. Drake sent Martin Frobisher forward to probe the defences using small boats and pinnaces in the afternoon. Coming in by way of Bahía de las Animas they moved forward but they soon ran into a chain of floating barrels which closed their way and in addition intense fire from El Boqueron forced their eventual withdrawal.

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The RSPCA, NSPCC, Age Concern, Relate, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Legal Aid all evolved from work in the city. Ferries, railways, transatlantic steamships, municipal trams, electric trains and the helicopter were all pioneered in Liverpool as modes of mass transit. In 1829 and 1836 the first underground railway tunnels in the world were constructed under Liverpool. For periods during the 19th century the wealth of Liverpool exceeded that of London itself, and Liverpool’s Custom House was the single largest contributor to the British Exchequer. Liverpool’s status can be judged from the fact that it was the only British city ever to have its own Whitehall office. Capitalising on the popularity of 1960s rock groups, such as The Beatles, as well as the city’s world-class art galleries, museums and landmarks, tourism has also become a significant factor in Liverpool’s economy.

Observateur fired a warning shot in their direction and both she and Junon moved to close with the lead frigate preparatory to engaging them. However, as the British ships approached, the lead frigate ran up a Spanish flag, shortly followed by the British Red Ensign. Believing the unknown ships to be Spanish allies, Wetherall and Shortland reduced sail and Junon moved to come alongside the lead frigate to permit Captain Shortland to exchange greetings with her captain.

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Liverpool is internationally known for music and is recognised by Guinness World Records as the World Capital City of Pop. Musicians from the city have produced 56 number one singles, more than any other city in the world. Both the most successful male band and girl group in global music history have contained Liverpudlian members.

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